Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tom & Kate's Engagement

These photographs were taken at the beautiful boys' boarding school, Avon Old Farms, in Avon, Connecticut.  I know Kate from high school and I truly enjoyed taking her and Tom's engagement photographs.  The school grounds are a hidden delight surrounded by lofty trees.  The buildings are rich with color and although some are very old, they carry such beauty.  It was a warm spot with lots of nooks, arches and benches...a perfect venue for an engagement session.  By the end of the shoot, we were dodging rain drops...but I think we hid this well in our photographs.  

I truly enjoyed catching up with Kate and getting to know Tom.  Their dog, Omar, is adorable too! They are a handsome and happy couple which I hope is portrayed in these photographs.  Best of luck, Tom & Kate!!

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